ICYMI: Maisie Williams Scared The Shit Out Of Everyone By Pretending To Drop A Juicy GOT Spoiler

I was in two minds about writing this article. On the one hand, Game of Thrones is quite possibly the best television show ever made and the last season is undoubtedly going to be seriously fucking good. On the other, I absolutely despise Jimmy Fallon and his personality is akin to Theon while serving Ramsay Bolton.

But alas, Maisie Williams bridged the gap and did something we very rarely see cast members do: discuss any inkling of the plot for the new season.

While appearing on Fallon, Maisie scared the living shit out of audience members and talk show hosts alike, pretending to drop a juicy tidbit regarding Arya’s death in the second episode.

The weirdest thing is that none of the audience members seem particularly gleeful that they’ve witnessed a juicy spoiler getting leaked, and everyone seems to feel for Maisie as she rushes backstage to get absolutely hounded by HBO.

I’ll even tip my cap to Jimmy Fallon, who was actually able to keep it together for once in his life and didn’t break character for the entire skit.

God damn I’m excited for Game of Thrones, you can catch the new season on April 14th. Get fucking keen.


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