Ed Sheeran’s GoT Character Received A Cheeky Shout Out In The Premiere

I can’t remember the last time everyone around the world was THIS hyped for the premiere of a tv show, in fact it was probably season 7 of Game of Thrones.

While opinions on the first episode of season 8 were fairly mixed, primarily due to the lack of death and gore that’s become a staple of the franchise, it did harbour one tasty easter egg that goes back to season 7.

In season 7’s premiere episode, there’s a scene where Arya meets a group of Lannister soldiers who quite suprisingly turn out not to be enormous cunts, so she has a chat and some food with them.

I mean, if you’re a massive fan of both Ed Sheeran and Game of Thrones this was probably orgasm inducing for you. If you’re not particularly that keen on Sheeran, it left you scratching your head as to why they wasted an entire scene on ensuring they showed Sheeran’s face as much as possible.

Fans speculated on what happened to that band of soliders. Did Arya kill them? Were they sent to die in a war? Did they continue to sit there and sing songs while the world crumbled around them?

Well, fast forward to last nights episode and it seems our boy Ed might just have survived after all. While Bronn is about to take part in some good ol’ fashioned Game of Thrones intercourse, one of the ladies he’s with mentions how most of her most loyal customers (Lannister soldiers) we’re killed by the loot train attack.

That boy Eddie…”
“The ginger?”
“That’s him. Came back with his face burned off. He’s got no eyelids now.”
“How does he sleep with no eyelids?”

To top it all off, Sheeran himself thanked GoT producers for ensuring his survival, pretty much confirming that his character did indeed enjoy frequenting ladies of the night.

No doubt we’ll see Eddie turn up in the final battle and bash the Night King’s head in with a dragon glass guitar.


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