Dog Abandoned At Airport Dies Of Broken Heart & I’m Not Crying You Are

Dogs are what happened when God decided he was going to put something on earth that not only loved us endlessly but could also eat our favourite pair of shoes like it was going out of fashion.

Dogs are basically the embodiment of sunshine, and people that actively hurt or try to hurt dogs are, in my opinion, lower than the low. That’s why it always sucks to hear of a mistreated dog because you just know that the little pupper didn’t do anything to deserve it.

Well, grab the tissue box and take a seat because this ones a tear jerker. Apparently, a dog named Nube Viajera – or Wandering Cloud spent more than a month at  Colombia‘s Palonegro International Airport.

Apparently, Nube had been left there by a traveling owner and had haunted the terminals looking for them, until the dog succumbed to depression and died of a broken heart.

A vet from the Colombian Animal Protection Foundation, Dr Alejandro Sotomonte, told local reporters:

“The hypothesis we have is that a traveler abandoned it.

“Apparently, during the first month that the dog was at the airport, it was going through the halls looking for someone, possibly the owner.

“That state of waiting deteriorated its health, to the point that she no longer received food.”

After not eating any food and only sniffing the fingers of strangers before realising they weren’t the owner and walking away, Nube passed away.

Sad stuff, now go hug your dog.



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