Desperate Customer on the Shitter Asks Pizza Place to Deliver Roll of Toilet Paper

When greeted with the unfavourable situation of sitting on the toilet without any bog roll, there are a few options available. You can scratch at the door like a whiny dog, desperate for your housemates to come to your rescue.

You could even be a real savage about it by breaking up the piece of cardboard left over and using that to get you back on the road. Or, you could execute the genius idea of calling a pizza restaurant and begging them to bring you some spare toilet roll.

Which is exactly what one person in Ireland did, when they requested that the pizza they ordered came with a healthy side serving of TP. Chloe Mythen, a supervisor at Firehouse Pizza in Dublin, tweeted out a picture of a delivery order that a customer had placed. “If you have a spare roll of toilet paper in the restaurant, could you bring it please?”

All things considered, it’s a pretty polite request. You’d think that considering the timeliness of the issue, they’d be typing in all caps with an excessive amount of exclamation marks and demanding that the godforsaken pizza delivery guy hop on his bike and get there ASAP.

The order of chorizo, sweetcorn, cajun chicken and red onion probably didn’t do too much for old mates stomach either.

The order did the rounds on the staff’s group chat, which is tradition for any hospitality worker who puts up with a somewhat zany customer.

This isn’t the first time that Firehouse Pizza have received some wacky orders, just last month they shared some notable entries, including one fella who asked them to write “Suprise, Motherfucka” and another who promised to “Flash a titty for some extra garlic sauce”. I’m not sure if that one worked, but I applaud your spirit.

Source: Munchies

Image: ABC

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