Bored Pilot Lives All Of Our Dreams And Draws Dicks In The Sky

Imagine going to aviation school and working your arse off for a number of years just so you can pull off an absolute god tier prank. Almost like how I spent 3 years at University and now I’m writing an article about a pilot drawing dicks in the sky, go figure.

The airborne genitalia is the work of an unidentified pilot from Adelaide’s Flight Training school. I’m not entirely sure why she chose to remain anonymous because if this was my doing I’d be yelling from the rooftops with pride.

It appears that the pilot was in the process of breaking in a new engine, which in aviation speak means to run the engine for around 1-2 hours to ensure it is operating properly.

Speaking to the ABC, Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said pilots drawing pictures was certainly rare but not that outlandish.

“All pilots plan a track for their aircraft to get between where they’re going from and to — now what that track looks like once it shows up on radar of course is another thing entirely,” he said.

“As long as the pilot flies the aircraft safely and complies with all the aviation safety rules we are not too concerned about what that track looks like.”


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