Australia’s Hungriest Bridge Has Claimed Yet Another Victim

The Montague Street Bridge is a testament to human stupidity and shows how our “yeah nah she’ll be right” attitude works well when dealing with a minor injury, but not so much a 3-meter high indestructible bridge.

Having garnered a cult following over the years for decimating a number of foolish vehicles who deem it wise to pass under the hallowed structure, the Monty has claimed yet another victim.

Apparently, the truck met its fate at around 4 pm on the 23rd of April, just 15 days after the last time the bridge claimed yet another vehicle for its own sick twisted pleasure.

The bridge has been extremely prolific in destroying dreams and vehicles a like, notably injuring several people when a bus driver drove a bus carrying passengers from a confrence straight into the beast.

You’d think at this point there’d be some sort of detour available, or perhaps an insane amount of signage to deter people from attempting to pass.

However, that ruins all the good fun we get by laughing at people who fuck up their cars exponentially by taking on a bridge that seems to be made from Dragonglass.

Image: @CrStuartJames


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