Yo Artists, You Have The Power!

As we continue to merge into a truly networked society, gone are traditional values. As these core terms shift, it’s interesting to note the dissipation of confines behind the modern day artist. In order to become successful, he or she no longer needs funding, support and nurturing from a fat dude in a suit with a mad bank balance. Technology and our increasingly integrated society allows for talent to spread like wildfire in a self-supported nature, translating to a level of success one could not previously achieve on their own. Traditionally, its perceived that the big players in ‘the game’ make someone successful, but it’s important to stay with the times and realise that’s no longer the case. This modern, blended model of talent allows varied approaches and, for the most part, encourages innovation. This all translates into a new breed of creative that knows he or she is the boss – not the big guy. In saying that, some things don’t change. A ‘live show’ will continue to be paramount in the establishment of an artist. No one waits around on a Tuesday outside of their local record dealer anymore. You turn up at the gig on a Friday and rock the fuck out if you want to say ‘whats up’ to your favourite producer, right? You can’t shift too far too quickly, connections need to be genuine and this is a perfect example of that.

It’s super inspiring to watch a shift of powers like this, especially in such a pure, unavoidable state. As artists realise more and more that they can develop a brand, enter an international market and make a full time living off their talents, record labels, management and marketing majors are going to be forced into stepping up. It really is brilliant. The rise of international platforms like Soundcloud and Facebook cannot be ignored, with their insanely popular walls serving as DIY marketing platforms for the knowledgeable bedroom producers around the world. This easy entry to market will continue to manifest itself into a swarm of talent, but at the same time it will serve as a cautionary tale as to just how many people consider themselves a ‘creative’. In my opinion, fast forward five years and it will take twice as much to stand out, but it will be half as hard to break even. We can’t say this is anything other than a blessing given the previous talent that has gone unnoticed due to execution difficulties. Be happy. Artists are now in a day where they don’t have to answer to anyone. They don’t have to conform, regulate or modify their talents. They don’t need to debate, unhinge or rectify their original skills. This is the age of pure, undeniable creativity. Bring on the modern era, you’re going to fucking love it.

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