Why #YesAllWomen Should Trend For Eternity

Photo by Emmanuel Rosario

Because at a club when a guy wants to dance with me, I have to tell him I have a boyfriend so that he goes away or moves onto my best friend. Because males respect another male’s ownership of a woman more than they respect a woman’s lack of interest.

Because I once caught a group of men taking photos of my ass while I was waitressing.

Because I have to get my male friends to walk me back to my car at night because I am too afraid to walk alone.

Because my boyfriend’s best friend sexually assaulted me and then called me frigid, and still goes on to tell the story of how I hooked up with him.

Because no means no, and we can teach men how to fly an aeroplane but we cant teach them that they are not entitled to a woman’s body.

Because since I was sixteen years old, I’ve gotten beeped at by middle-aged men in my local area.

Because if it’s a hot day and I decide to wear a pair of shorts, I am ‘asking for attention.’

Because Robin Thicke can write a song about date rape and cheat on his wife, and people feel sorry for him when she leaves.

Because my all-girls school spent hours and hours teaching us about how we should dress, but we never heard one on consent.

Because at a party on the weekend, my boyfriend’s mate grabbed my ass as I was getting a drink out of the fridge and this is completely normal.

Because I would love to get a compliment from a male on my humour or my intelligence, not on my ‘hot ass or nice rack’, because apparently being pretty and thin is the greatest thing a woman can be.

Because my boyfriend checks out other women in front of me and tells me how hot they are.

Because men never have to be afraid to leave their drink for a minute.


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