Video: A YFH Chat With Frames (Syd)

It’s a Thursday night in February and I’m standing in line for the M83 gig at Metro Theatre. It’s the usual Sydney go, people trying to maintain some sort of cool austere, smoking fags in button-ups. Eventually I ditch the psycho-analysing, buy a cheeseburger and decide to join in on laughing about how the support band ‘Teenage Mothers’ just got dropped from the tour for inhaling nitrous oxide on stage. Actually, I’m still laughing.

It’s fairly obvious walking in we’re expecting nothing exemplary. I’m presuming the highlight of the support to be the soundguy doing his usual beatboxing into the mike under the guise of testing. As it turns out we’re met with a tall dude in red vans and black clad glasses tapping out to disco over the decks. It’s a pretty big ‘uh’ moment, possibly humorous if it weren’t for the fact he’s actually good. Sydney’s crowd scene is being the usual immobile indie fiends they are, yet it’s evident we’re quickly becoming impressed by this guy’s groove. His head-bopping is the one we all strive to achieve and nothing feels contrived. Mostly I’m enjoying the fact he’s not an overly tanned guy in a snapback playing ‘make that booty clap’ (take note Van She support, you fucking sucked.) As SBTRKT starts up and Sampha’s vocals keep us in exhilaration, he’s won us over and we’re deep swaying with a total disregard for anything but the harmony.

So after that M83 blew a thousand minds, my night turned into a whirlwind of sorts in which I ended up exchanging small talk with Anthony Gonzales (M83) and the band, fell in love and then ended up at an army base, but hey that’s another story.

So wearily I went home and listened to ‘How Deep is Your Love’ while I stalked the DJ. There’s really no way of sugarcoating my life. Turns out my love went deep enough to show up at the house of none other than ‘FRAMES’ a few months later. No tripod, a handful of subway cookies for backup in case he hates me with a side of freshly cut amateurism.

After having to cut out a rant about how EDM is a stupid term, having him admit he enjoys Lady Gaga, an intense discussion about American Office vs British Office and generally hearing myself laugh like a hyena – we’re left with the below. This is the end product of a conversation with one of my favourite Sydney up and comers. With a touch of quirky, a total lack of egocentrics and a whole lot of intelligence, I’m absolutely all smiles for what’s in store. With his single about to drop (today), I feel I’m obliged to let you know that local talent exists if I can, and I can. So kindly ignore the terrible sound quality and general editing hilarities and show some love. Check him out at The Spice Cellar on Fridays or simply leave some high 5s on his Facebook wall. And… yeah.

Mridula Amin works for the ABC and writes great articles about topics you love to hate. You can read her back catalogue here.

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