Tyler Hadley: The Butchered House Party

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Sometimes news from the vault is shocking enough that a recount is justified. That’s exactly how we felt recently when we learnt the shocking tale of Tyler Hadley, a teen from Port St. Lucie who grew up with all the trimmings, but still wandered off the rails.

Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley are the parents of a son named Tyler. He was raised well in a modest home at Port St. Lucie, in which Blake and Mary-Jo had lived for 24 years. Mary-Jo was a devout catholic and lector at the St. Lucie Catholic Church. She taught the Rite of Christian Initiation to converts and according to friends and family, forever wanted the best for Tyler. Blake Hadley was a watch engineer at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant. He was a modest man who at times struggled to understand his son, but never stopped trying. Tyler, at the time of this story, was a 17-year old teen who showed signs of rebellion typical for such an age bracket. He drunk heavily, smoked marijuana and consumed prescription pills like Xanax, Percocet and Oxycontin on a regular basis. He also used ecstasy on occasion.

Though the tale of Tyler is a complex one. He had a stint in a mental health facility after violence and other taboo acts became evident in his life. At 17, his mother Mary-Jo forced him into a mental health facility to gain clarity on some of his detrimental habits. It’s presumed Tyler harboured some level of resentment for his involuntary admission, though this is scarcely documented. After undergoing treatment, Tyler returned to normal life and continued abusing prescription meds, alcohol and other illicit substances. His mother was detached from his habits though, telling family and friends that she was extremely happy with his progress.

Just two weeks after Mary-Jo showed such faith in her son, Tyler butchered her and her husband Blake to death with the claw end of a hammer in the living room of their family home. According to various reports, Tyler took three ecstasy pills first, because he couldn’t kill his parents sober. He then ventured into the garage, grabbed a hammer, and stood behind his mother for five minutes while she worked on the computer. Tyler viciously attacked his mother, repeatedly bashing her with the claw end of the tool. Blake heard screams and came down, only to be subjected to the same inhumane act Mary-Jo had just received. They both lay dead on the floor.

Tyler wrapped their heads in towels and dragged them to the master bedroom, piling numerous objects on top of their bloodied bodies. He then locked the door and cleaned for three hours, intent on eradicating any evidence of the murders. This may have been done out of fear of being caught, or simply because Tyler had an unfathomable next move already planned out: he was to throw a house party that night, with his dead parents laying in the master bedroom.

And so he did.

Tyler, who was relatively unknown to his peers, got the word out that he would be having a house party, citing that his parents were out of town. A flurry of texts and Facebook statuses alerted the general populace of his high school, and people came. Lots of people came. The number of attendants hit the 100 mark by midnight and according to various reports from neighbours, they were extremely rowdy. All while Tyler’s two loving, caring, deceased parents lay in a locked room on the top floor of the suburban home.

Throughout the night, Tyler flashed wads of cash and repeatedly changed the story of where his parents were. To some, they were on vacation, to others he did not know, and at times he simply said he lived alone. It’s surprising that no one took notice of the fact that both his parents cars were parked in front of the house.

As intoxication began to take hold of Tyler, his honesty shone through. He began telling people that he was “going away for a long time” and that he’d done some bad things. He tossed around the notion of suicide at the ping pong table, and jested about how he wouldn’t be seeing people anytime soon. He continued with this notion throughout the night, slowly but surely giving more and more of the malicious deed away. Eventually, his inability to hide his crime manifested itself in the complete truth being told to one of his best friends Michael, who was shown the bodies in the master bedroom of the home. He rushed out of the room, though Michael didn’t leave the party. He posed for selfies with Tyler over the next 45-minute period, a strange and peculiar act for a witness to such a horrific crime.

And then it all crumbled.

The incessant noise forced the neighbours to call police. At approximately the same time, Michael also called crime stoppers. Police arrived at the scene for the first time and Tyler convinced them that things were okay; that the music would be turned down. The moment they left, the party erupted once again. In between the first arrival of the police and the second, the entire party filtered out of the house and went home. When the second dispatch arrived, they found a distraught Tyler Hadley, pupils as wide as dinner plates, pacing back and forth in the living room. They drew their weapons and forced him to lay on the ground. He was handcuffed and the police entered the residence. They found a black Labrador locked in a cupboard, and the butchered bodies of Mary-Jo and Blake Hadley in the master bedroom. Tyler Hadley was arrested on two counts of murder.

The general consensus is that drugs caused Tyler Hadley to have a psychotic break, though some say it was social pressure and the by-product of overbearing parents. In letters to friends however, Tyler seems confused about the reasons he committed such a crime. In one letter sent to one of his friends, he stated that the reason was simple: he wanted to have a party and he knew his parents wouldn’t let him. Such a trivial justification for a truly horrendous crime alludes to the instability of Hadley and solidifies his danger to society.

Tyler is also on record saying “I’ll get out,” alluding to the fact that he won’t do jail time thanks to an insanity plea. Fellow inmates have also released harrowing information regarding the way in which Tyler refers to himself in jail. “You know who I am? I’m the hammer boy,” he says when introducing himself to new inmates, according to the Daily Mail. He also signs autographs using the term ‘hammer time,’ and other such aliases, suggesting remorse for the killings of his loving parents is non-existent.

Below is page one of a letter from Tyler Hadley while in jail. You can read the rest here.

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