The Streisand Saga Ends

Poncho TV is an online music site that releases quality, entertaining video for their followers. It’s run by two guys, Nick and Dan, the two brains behind one of the cooler PR stunts we have seen in quite some time. In a bid to get 5000 fans on their Facebook page (right here), they stated that if they were to reach the goal, they would lock themselves in a room for 48 hours with Duck Sauce’s painfully repetitive ‘Barbara Streisand‘ on repeat. In the end, they didn’t quite hit the mark, but after acquiring 4000 fans they decided to do it for 36 hours. A valiant effort to say the least, it all commenced Friday morning with their Facebook and Website serving witty updates during the battle. I tuned in every now and then to see how they were going, with scrabble, monopoly and connect 4 proving the most popular past times.

In the end, a few hours prior to the completion of the ordeal, a fight broke out. The yelling match, generally emitting from Dan’s side of the room, resulted in the cam cutting and an explanation on their Facebook page. While some idiots may feel cheated, we can’t believe they got as far as they did. Not only was it a crazy effort, but more than likely an extremely straining one. Good on them for getting as far as they did. Here’s a few of their updates during the time on air.

Hey everyone.. its over. there were 2 hours to go, but 34 hours and almost 700 plays was an amazing and painful effort, so i put a stop to it before anything went bad. some of you might feel cheated but it was harder than it looked and we want to thank everyone for the support, re-posts, presents, etc. cheers tim. via FACEBOOK.

Really boozed right now.. via FACEBOOK.

Dear Mum, I think I might be an idiot. Cheers, Nick. via FACEBOOK

Not complaining, just reporting: Definitely can’t sleep – been trying for hrs. Dull headache – brain feels like it’s overheating and blowing a dozen mini fuses. Can’t concentrate on anything and when i do i feel like sleep’s close it’s just bullshit film clip-esque imagery syncopated with the beat of the song…which just keeps going, and going. Aaaand Dan’s been asleep for hours. – Nick. via FACEBOOK.

Yep. 700 listens of Barbara Streisand will do crazy things to a man. Hopefully the long term effects of something this horrible isn’t anything serious. In saying that, we find it hard to believe you can get away with subjecting yourself to something this bad scotch free. Let’s wait and see. Go fan them if you haven’t already. They deserve it. Right here.

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