The Shittest Questions Some Idiot Asked Iggy Azalea In Recent Interview

Iggy Azalea, talented rapper and Australian legend (who we interviewed back in 2010), has just dropped her latest album ‘The New Classic’. To promote the new release, Iggy was unfortunately (perhaps accidentally) crammed into a room with two idiots from Hot97. The two misogynists, who’ve somehow overrun a radio station and worked out how to operate a microphone, spent ten minutes and fifty-nine seconds talking about her ass, porn, sex, her ass, then sex again. Here’s some of the shittest things they said.

“Does the puffiness of your butt make it harder for them to go that way?” – a reference to whether or not the size of Iggy’s glutes prevent fans from fingering her anus while she’s crowd surfing during shows.

“You are currently being ‘intruded’ by an NBA player who’s your boyfriend, and he intrudes you.” – a morons way of bringing up the fact Iggy is in a relationship with Nick Young, an NBA player. Classy and sophisticated.

“His name is Nick Young, also known as Swaggy P. How swaggy is his P?” – a dick joke made by a grown man, tailored for those in the world yet to celebrate their tenth birthday.

“You have a big ass and you’re a little risque with your content. Is that a reflection of who you are? Are you a pornstar in the bedroom?” – a sleezy as fuck, lonely radio DJ being a sleezy as fuck, lonely radio DJ.

“We hear women talk dirty in songs and you don’t know if that’s just an act.” – an idiot being a misogynist. This man has probably, at least once in his life, blamed a girl for being raped.

“Do you only like missionary, or do you like havin’ your ass eaten?” – with it now glaringly apparent the interviewer has exactly zero musical knowledge, smut is used as a last resort to fill a relatively short interview slot with a person infinitely more famous than him.

“Do you watch porn?” – as above. A decrepit human intent on proving to the planet that he wont acknowledge Iggy Azalea as an artist, but is happy to turn her into a sexual object for ten painful minutes.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a pornstar with your man.” – thanks for the heads up, Captain Ethical.

“She’s nasty.” – not even asking questions anymore, just making shitty remarks.
Written by Sammy Attwood, the co-founder of Your Friend’s House. He can’t use Twitter, enjoys brunch and occasionally posts things on his Instagram account.

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