Tech Times Vol.5

For this weeks Tech Times post I am going to go back into last year. This piece of gear is not so new but until now I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and spend some time with it. I am talking about the much hyped Teenage Engineering OP-1. To be honest when I first saw this on the film clip of a band I was unfamiliar with it. I just thought it was some pretty looking midi controller. I have never been so wrong. Since one has turned up in my house about 3 months ago I keep finding new features that impress me. It is, after all, (1) a sampler, (2) synthesiser, (3) sequencer and (4) a beautifully designed item. I could go into each of these features in detail but it would just take to long, and on their website Teenage Engineer explain it pretty perfectly.

For those wanting to know exactly what its good for, apart from looking cool, I’ll give you a little run down. The synths and samples that it comes with are more comprehensive than you would think. It also has an individual sound. In regards to drum samples you can load ANY wave file into the machine and use it as a sampler but it also comes with everything from very new/current sounding electronic drums to the old classic 808 drum kit. There are a lot of interesting sounding presents in the synth section which range from classic analogue sounds, to FM sounds, to real sounding Organs. It only has a few buttons for many features but has been very well thought out in the way it accesses functions. With constant software updates you never know what might be around the corner for this machine.

 What am I using it for? I am using the synths and drums presents to go straight into my projects. They have some interesting sounds. In the latest update there is a new drum machine synthesiser which I am keen to learn. I am also going to use it as a live show instrument doubling as a midi controller. Last but not least, it just looks nice in my room.

In terms of things that might bother you about this bit of kit?  Synthesiser editing options are a little vague in some presets styles and you don’t have 100% control over them as far as I can see. The keys are a little small but you have to expect that. It has been said that it is a little expensive at about $850 also, but I don’t think so given what you get. I am pretty sure I am going to get one of these of my own soon. Even if I just have it as a piece of gear thats sits as a work of art in my room, though I doubt that. It’s too hard NOT to make music with this thing.


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