ROFLCOPTR is a new legal drug thats circulating the globe in an attempt to win over enthusiastic users who don’t care about it’s crappy name or the lack of research on it’s side effects. According to MixMag, it’s working, with many 18 – 21 year olds who are loving its readily available nature along with the ‘warm and enlightened’ vibe it puts you in. Made up of methoxetamine, ROFLCOPTR (sometimes referred to as mket) is basically a synthesized version of a previously popular drug that is consumed in a powdered form. You can literally jump on Roflcoptr.co.uk and purchase the drug in a wide array of denominations, from 1g to 500g. The creators, and people behind the drug, are busy marketing it’s availability via social networks, having already set up a Facebook and Twitter page to get the word out about it. The catch is, they state that its only to be used for science projects, which we highly doubt anyone has even tried. Of course, this covers their rear end from the courts when it turns out people drop dead 6 weeks after using this stuff. Email us if you’ve tried it on hello@yourfriendshouse.com. We’d love to hear stories.

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