#RateMyToast Judges The Most Menial Cooking Task Known To Man

Less than two weeks ago, @ratemytoast began. In its 13 days of operation, the #ratemytoast tag earned thousands of entries, made up of people who wanted their toast rated. And OP delivered. Finn Mciver, from Liverpool, was the man behind it all, and had the unique ability to scrutinise the most basic of cooking processes in the most delicate of ways.

Though now, the @ratemytoast account has disappeared, without any word of where or why. Does anyone know where the toast man has gone? Will he return? Is there a second coming of the lord? Is a website imminent? Only time will tell. In the meantime, here’s some of his work.

There is the praise:

Incredible. A symbol of British engineering. 11/10 @_The12thMan #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 14, 2015

I will marry you. 10/10 @aderynh — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 13, 2015

Kneel before this toast peasants. 10/10 @GilbFromUpNorth — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 12, 2015

Very elegant setup and I’d be proud to introduce that to my parents. 9/10@jrzeskiewicz1 — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 11, 2015

What toast was for. No sag underneath. The people’s toast. Incredible effort. 10/10 @peter27afcb — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 11, 2015

And there’s the brutal:

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse you submit this pissy hot bread. 0/10 @jhrz32 — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 14, 2015

A glimpse into a post-apocalyptic earth. 0/10 @bethwakelen — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 14, 2015

That is hands down the worst submission so far. I’ll personally pay for your womb to be removed. -7/10 @Sarah_CFord — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 13, 2015

As disgusting as your football club. This toast is yet another thing you can’t defend. 0/10 @marcosrojo5 — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 12, 2015

If Coldplay was toast. 0/10 @_joeyx — #RateMyToast (@ratemytoast) October 11, 2015

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