PetBot Will Let Your Pet Send You Selfies

As far as technological advancements go, few concepts receive more drunken discussion than the empowerment of animals. From devices to translate dog’s thoughts into words, to contraptions that help let us know how our feline friend is feeling, the world would be a pretty great place with anything that brought us closer to our pets.

Enter the PetBot, a “treat dispenser with a built in high-tech camera, which enables your pet to send you a “selfie.” The invention, which is currently in the extremely unpredictable Indigogo phase – a period near formally written into new businesses these days – but nonetheless, it’s a thing that just might happen.

When your pet gets in Petbot’s field of vision, Petbot will use “petificial intelligence” to start recording a video and give your pet a treat. It will then snap away, hopefully giving you a few little memories that didn’t involve you forcing the head of Poochy around for 30 minutes.

Just watch the God-damn video. It’s great.


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