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Italy has produced some of the world’s first-class DJ’s in the past few years. DJ’s like The Crookers, Congorock, The Bloody Beetroots and a stack of others have stamped their enormous presence onto the industry, clearly strengthening this emerging scene. One individual I’ve kept a watchful eye on for a very long time now goes by the name of Nic Sarno. Hailing from Milan, Italy, I first came to notice his bubbling skill at a Crookers gig in 2008, when the dynamic duo had dropped his re-work of Tommie Sunshine’sLimit Of Your Mind“. Ever since I got wind of this track, I’ve been captivated by his work.

Fast forward a couple of years and Nic has gained exceptional success in the industry by swinging support from DJ’s like the Crookers, Switch, His Majesty Andre, Brodinski, Congorock, Diplo and a host of other sizable artists. His creative, stimulating productions have been plastered on top-notch labels such as Southern Fried Records, Enchufada, Lektroluv, Top Billin and countless amount of others. If there is one thing that stands out to me most about his music, it’s the sweaty, tribal house influence that have been smeared across all his releases. He does it like no other, and I am beyond thrilled to see him receive much praise for what he has accomplished in his career. Today, I am most delighted to display the chat I had with him for the site. Take a closer read down below!

So I just have to ask.. What was ‘life’ before turning to music? Tell us about yourself !
Some days ago I saw an interview with Derrick May and he was saying something like: “I’m too busy to know me to speak of myself “.  I turned to music when I was very young, so my life before was like plain with toys as I remember. About myself, I live in Milan… I’ve studied painting at the Academy of fine Arts, I’m vegetarian, I love yoga and when I was 14 I was blown away with djing, techno, house music and hip-hop.

Being from Italy you’ve been able to mold some special support from other acts like the Crookers, Congorock, His Majesty Andre and other talented producers…How have they helped your career? Do you keep in-touch with a lot of those guys?
We are all friends from the very beginning, even when nobody was listening to what we were doing, we supported each others productions. They are still some of my fave producers, was a pleasure and an inspiration to meet each other. I remember when me,  Phra & Bot looked to put out our early works with some Milano based labels, was like 2006 or so, everyone was telling us that things were not working and that sounded too weird.. Rocco is my little brother and i’m glad to see that he’s rocking’ the cashba right now. Andre is great, a really talented producer and a pretty good beatboxer too I’ve learned a lot from all of them, hope they learn something good from me too.

Tommie Sunshine – Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remake)____Alphabet City 2008 by NIC SARNO

How has your sound changed since your initial efforts?
I don’t know if it’s changed, I think superficially yes, but it’s just part of a natural evolution. If I think about my work, I would say that I never had a definite style. I had always love to explore different genres, both as a producer and DJ.  So it’s as if I changed continuously even if in reality I’m always myself. Could say that my style is to have no particular style, I just let myself go. Maybe what is changed are skills, inspirations and goals, but the attitude is the same, i’ve always looked for something that sounds different, true and at the same time I let myself become inspired by what happens around me, musically or not, this comes from my background as a DJ.  Sometimes I like to play more pop stuff and sometimes noisy, or tropical or deep, whatever. I have no prejudice, this is the game in art, it’s all about searching.

How often are you in the studio? On the topic of studios, what are you using?
Well my home is my studio, so a lot….but in general i’m not a studio freak…. just produce when i’m particularly  inspired. At the moment I use Ableton and Logic combined.


Is there a stand out moment in your career thus far?
I’m just a sort of a underground producer, i’m not David Guetta.. I have a low profile, not big stand out moments. Certainly making tunes with Crookers makes me more visible to the masses, for example the track we did for Rockstar Game’s GTA was a pretty good exposure, but i’m not becoming millionaire with that 😉

What do you listen to in your spare time?
Really Everything.  It depends from the season… In general a lot of hip hop, folk, pop, minimalism, Indian classical music and psychedelic stuff

Has the industry changed the way you live? Do you stay up later?
I think it has changed everybody’s life. Only when i’m at work.


Are you a good cook?
I like cooking vegetarian meals.

Funniest / Weirdest experience since your introduction to the EDM world?
Well, I did this remix of the Chicago’s  classic “In The Beginning” for the legendary Trax Rec.  I’m excited about that, because you know, first record I bought was a DJ was Frankie Knuckless  “Your Love ” on Trax, so this is pretty weird to now produce my stuff with them.

Cheers for the time, do you have any final words to your fans and readers?
Keep up the good work and try to make something that you love.

Mumdance & Brodinski_Eurostarr_Nic Sarno Remake by NIC SARNO

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