How To Fuck Up A Train (Video)

Wow, these dudes run wreck on a train and a station for that matter, all in the name of video recreation. Kanye and Jay-Z’sNiggas In Paris‘ video was cool, but the above video puts a whole new spin on it. Simple as all hell, the concept is called ‘Videojacking’, in which a punter recreates a video in the way they see fit. Turns out these dudes decided to put masks on and completely destroy a train or two while plastering a whole station and making sure it all synced beautifully with the increasingly popular track. The ‘visual art‘ was originally posted by Stark and we can’t believe it hasn’t seen more attention yet. By the end of the video, they’ve whipped out a long range blaster and are rocking shit out like a 12 year old at paintball. Oh, and this stuff is illegal. Don’t do it or you’ll go to jail and get raped by a guy named Jamal.

Videojacking; Action of stealing a music video, audiovisual work, even before the artist asked for itself, ordered, undertook, realized and even thought about it. Unknown.

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