His Majesty Andre: God.

Occasionally we fall a tad behind the times and don’t quite get a write up done on a tune before its released. This can be for a number of reasons, including (a) running out of internet downloads because our intern was downloading porn, (b) falling behind in the music biz because we’ve become addicted to Farmville (not likely) or even (c), forgetting the password for our websites back end. Whatever the reason, we missed out on this awesome His Majesty Andre remix of the insanely popular ‘Is Tropical’ track ‘Lies’. When we heard it, we couldn’t stop raving. We ended up tying glow sticks to our intern (the one who downloads the porn) and forced him to shuffle around a dimly lit office. When we stopped laughing, we wrote this. You like? Buy it just here.

Is Tropical – Lies (His Majesty Andre Remix) PREVIEW by hismajestyandre

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