Have The Beetroots Failed?

Bob Rifo is a creative genius who’s molded a million wide following of late night addicts around the Bloody Beetroots moniker. From what could only be described as an electro punk base, he threw a mask on his partner and himself and went on to create a conceptually brilliant duo that shocked the world time and time again. I’m not sure if it was their ‘we dont give a fuck’ attitude or the pure energy they conveyed in their music, but there just wasn’t another ‘EDM’ (if you can call it that) group doing what they were. From their ridiculously overplayed Warp release to more trendy accomplishments like remix work for Robyn and MSTRKRFT, they really did form a sound anybody and everybody could recognise at the drop of a hat.

Fast forward a few years and perhaps it’s all got a bit too much. With Bob Rifo well and truly developing the brand into a live outfit, their once signature sound is beginning to borderline on a complete reinvention. Ever since Steve Aoki lent the duo his screaming capabilities for the smash hit Warp, prominent hardcore elements and men yelling loudly have become more and more paramount in their music. Their latest track ‘Church of Noise’ is a further example of this, with many feeling the almost excessive vocals take away from what has always been and still is amazing production ability. One is forced to ask if such a cult classic duo could ever really reinvent their creative talents without losing touch with the base that once loved them so dearly. The answer is perhaps no, but that’s up to their 400,000 plus followers… What do you think?

The Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise (feat. Dennis Lxyzén) by thebloodybeetroots

What do you think of DIPLO’s take on it?

Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise (dIplo remix) by diplo

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