Everyone Needs To See This Cafe’s Social Media Game

Social media is done poorly 90% of the time. 5% of the time it’s done well, and 5% of the time it’s done in a way that’s so risky and divisive that we don’t know what to say. In other news, 95% of statistics on the internet are made up.

Moving on, The White Moose cafe recently gained a 5,364% increase in Facebook ‘likes’ (17,000 new fans) after they took a no-chill approach to the gluten-free movement. Irrespective of where you stand on gluten being the devil (it’s really not), their series of posts made for one hell of a Facebook stand, skyrocketing the business into the global spotlight, all while making a lot of gluten-free people huff and puff. See some of the posts, in chronological order, below:

First of all, there was this:

And then there was this:

And now there’s this:

We talked exclusively to The White Moose cafe owner Paul Stenson about the series of posts. When asked whether or not the original post was a well thought out marketing ploy, he assured us it wasn’t.

“All my posts are spontaneous. The longer ones usually take place on the toilet. The shorter ones are done while I’m standing around doing nothing. I was sitting in the cafe when I heard the conversation involving a female customer asking if we did gluten free pancakes, and when we asked her if she was coeliac, she hadn’t a fucking clue what he word even meant and went ahead and ordered normal pancakes anyway. I did the post 10 minutes after.”

We talked further about business:

“Business has never been better. People are vying to fly to our small, 35 seater cafe from counties as far as Australia. The Facebook page likes have increased by 17,000+. And guess what? Nobody has asked for anything gluten free since my post.”

Then we talked about the negative impacts of such a strong stance:

“Place has been flooded with calls and emails from people whinging and moaning about the post. Many people reporting us to the food safety authority etc. The protestors are yet to arrive though.”

An example of one such email was screenshot and sent to us, seen below. Also included is Paul’s response to another disgruntled customer, which is an apt summary of his stance on the whole thing.

Quite frankly, we find it hilarious. A quick dig through The White Moose’s social page proves it’s not the first time they’ve gone A-grade on their social media game. Good on ’em.

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