College Student Caught Having Sex With Sheep Says He Was ‘Stressed Out’

Photo by Wil Freeborn.

A 23-year-old Fresno State University student was apprehended by police after he was caught having sex with a sheep on Tuesday last week. While being questioned, the unidentified man said he was originally looking for some cows to wrestle, but was unable to find any. Soon after, he changed his story, saying he was there to ‘blow off some steam’.

KMPH Fox 26 initially reported the story:

The student then changed his story, according to the report and told officers he was stressed over mid-terms, and came over to the sheep unit to beat and punch the animals.

But when officer told him that he saw him holding the sheep down and everything else that he was doing with it, that’s when the student admitted to the officer he was having sexual intercourse with the sheep, but that it was his first time.

The Housemates: