Can You Handle Bieber-Step?

In a recent interview with USA today, tween pop sensation Justin Bieber announced his interest in producing a dubstep album in the coming months. Deciding it was time to branch out into more sustainable avenues, he’s obviously just picked the genre with the most buzz and stuck with it. “I’m about halfway through. What’s big right now are beats that are in the clubs, like dubstep. So I want to mess with that stuff, but also stay me” he was quoted saying, despite not been old enough to enter a club legally. We find it hard to believe he could ‘stay me’ in any way shape or form and produce anything that the dubstep market is going to appreciate, then again – we may very well underestimate the amount of pop tweens listening to Skrillex these days. The news comes as a shock to many dubstep aficionado’s given his persona is about as far away from the typical ‘dubstepper’ as you could get.

With a recent increase in ‘dub-haters‘, its impossible to say what a statement like this will do to an already rapidly shifting genre. Not only are traditional fans of the style beggining to grow tired of the new wave, post-modern dubstep, but they are getting over the influx of brostep orientated fans. This breed of supporter will be tripled by Bieber dabbling in the genre, given his lack of knowledge in the style will probably result in a ‘louder is better’ approach to any production efforts he comes up with. If this is the case, and he comes out making some sort of Borgore / Skrillex hybrid audio, it will not only reduce the credibility of the genre but also kill off a fan base who don’t want to be associated with his tween beat making abilities. In the end, it begs the question;

Does the Bieber announcement signify the end of dub?

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