Antiheros Villain EP Premiere & Interview

House favourites and all-around good guys, The Antiheros are set to release their debut EP “Villain EP”. After having a huge 2012 and rocking crowds all over the country, they have knuckled down and put together a 4 track EP that shows that not only can they rock a crowd with their electric live show (pants not included), but they can also put it down in the studio. The 4 piece Brisbane based group are ready to take their sound/show to a whole new level in 2013 and what better way to do that than with the release of their debut EP. I got to ask a few questions to the boys in the lead up to the EP.

It’s been a while since we last heard from you guys. What’s new?
Villain E.P is what’s new. We’ve been lucky to travel the country playing shows and festivals just off the success of our mix-tapes and remixes. But this is our very first E.P release so we feel its definitely a big step up for us.

It must be a bit of a learning curve going from mashing and messing with other people’s songs to producing and making your own sound. How’s that experience been?
Yeah you’re exactly right and there’s so many ways to make music and sound these days. Technology is so advanced- I saw this youtube clip of this guy who made a whole song from recording/ sampling an electric toothbrush. Not saying we used a toothbrush to make our beats but its a good example of how far one can experiment.

What can we expect from the new EP?
Villain is a four track E.P and our goal was to present diversity like we do with our remixes. We worked with some extremely talented guest vocalists- Brianna Carpenter who features on our indie dubstep(?) track ‘Set me free’ and Natalie Welch features on our electro house track ‘Feel it’. There’s also some trap and big bass influences with a whole lot of synth and slamming beats.

Number 1 song in 2012? (Don’t say thrift shop)
There were so many great tracks last year but Disperate Youth by Santigold I would say was one of the most under-rated. It’s soooo good!

Plans for 2013?
Other than a planned tour of Australia, we’ve commenced working on another mega mix-tape to hopefully release by April. ‘Mixed on all fours’ was pretty successful (received over 11,000 plays on soundcould) so we’re going to put as much effort into the next. There will also be a few singles, remixes and booties to release throughout the year with hope of another E.P or LP before 2014.

The Antiheros debut “Villain EP” is out now and available to preview below!

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