Ex-Carnie Has Forty Kids With Twenty Different Mothers

Nothing screams dad-material more than Mike Holpin.

A self-confessed womanizer and recovering alcoholic who has sired forty children with at least twenty different mothers, the 56-year-old father is truly the last person I would ever want to see in a Santa suit on Christmas morning.

With 22 kids who took his surname, 18 who didn’t and “probably a few more”, the man is on absolute reproductive fire. He doesn’t believe in contraception, loves sex and has been churning ‘em out since his late teens.

Since his first sexual encounter at age 9, Holpin has had a multitude of girlfriends and six serious relationships.

His first offspring were the product of his job at a fairground, further tarnishing the already dubious reputation of carnival workers.

Holpin’s astute skills as a pickup artist, even as a youthful carnie, were nothing short of astounding.

“You have to do some manoeuvring but me, I thought, I just want sex. I’d pat them on the rump and if they say f**k off then they’re not really up for it. If they say yes, then great” he said in a TV documentary by Channel 5.

Most of Holpin’s children have been removed by social services. There’s no holding this reproducer back though, he says he can’t wait to pump out a couple more with his fiancée, Diane.

“I’m only 56. I’ll never stop [having children]. Never stop. In the Bible, God says go forth and multiply. I’m doing what God wants.”

Yum. Nothing like a bit of Mike Holpin to spice up the human gene pool.
Written by Josephine Harvey. Photo by News.com.au via Channel 5.

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