A Showcase of Absolutely Throttled Melbourne Cup Punters

While the account doesn’t seem to have posted in a rather long time, a certain Instagram had a good thing going when it delved deep into the world of inebriated punters. Horse racing isn’t really our jam, but watching people make a fool of themselves is OK by us.

We are celebrating the young fillies and colts that love to party at the Melbourne Cup. Keep up the great work girls and boys!” read the account. The final product is excellent (see photos). The creator is genius. That’s about all that needs to be said regarding the Instagram, which racked up more than 4,000 followers (and the collective total of people in the VIP tent) in just 18 hours. With no shortage of mayhem off the field, Melbourne Cup debauchery is always told best through the lens. We wish males were more heavily featured, but we’ll settle on this for now. Enjoy and follow right here.

The Housemates: