4 Most Annoying Idiots on Instagram

Instagram be like:

“Buy this pre-workout (seen here with my ridiculously staged selfie) Its killing my adrenals and makes me shit 3 times a day – I LOVE it”

I don’t know about the rest of you dickheads but I’m seeing some repeat offenders on Instagram whose posts make me want to go on a manic ‘unfollowing’ expedition or throw my phone in a river.

Disclaimer – I will say, that having only had Instagram this year (I know – how dare I be off enjoying my life) I will now own up to being a recovered offender of annoying Insta types 2 and 4 (no, not type 1, my consistent wine-drinking-cheese-eating habit got in the way of perfecting my body).

So, if I can overcome these rookie Insta mistakes in just a short year, there’s hope for you yet.

Yes, in particular order of most annoying (should be killed by firing squad) to least annoying (probably just a kick in the fanny and a ‘don’t do it again’) I now present my top 4:







There are also some Supreme offenders who combine annoying Insta type 1 with type 4 – which comes out looking like: flawless model shot teamed with generic, time-wasting quote on life that we all know is just an (overused) excuse for you to put up a hot photo of yourself without looking vain.

We see what you’re doing there, you’re not that clever.

What I think what we can all learn from this is that people are fantastic actors… and to keep in mind that sometimes the grass looks greener, BECAUSE IT’S FAKE…

That and Instagram is now too bigger part of my life if I’m sitting here dedicating a post to it in my spare time…


Yours sincerely,

Avid Instagram Judger


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