You Can Now Trade Your Horrible Christmas Presents for a Whopper

Every year, everyone gets at least one terrible Christmas present that’s existence is as inexplicable as Christmas itself. The unbearable awkwardness that occurs when someone gives you a pair of socks or even better, a donation to charity that they made in your name, almost makes Christmas too agonising to partake in.

Enter this year’s Christmas heroes, Burger King, who aims to use their vast wealth and power to make you forget their faceless corporate greed in order to spread some Christmas cheer. On the 26th of December, Burger King will allow customers to trade their unwanted Xmas gifts for a delicious and carefully prepared warm Whopper. To be accepted, the gift must be unused and deemed acceptable at the discretion of a Burger King employee. Imagine a Burger King attendant telling you that your gift is so shit that it’s not even worth a Whopper, sad face.

While the exchange is limited to select locations in Miami, London, and Brazil, there’s still a chance to get your mits on a delicious burg. The first 100 people to post a picture of themselves with their unwanted gift followed by #WhopperExchange on the 26th will receive a mysterious ‘surprise’ from the brand’s social media accounts. Ignoring the fact that there’s a very real possibility that the person who bought you the gift will see you happily giving it away in exchange for a piece of meat, this competition is a great way to snag yourself a boxing day dinner.

All the gifts exchanged will be given to a local charity, so props to Burger King for making someone’s Christmas a little bit better.

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