World’s Best Pizza Delivery Guy Gets Stabbed, Carjacked, Still Delivers Pizza

On Monday May 4, 2015, pizza delivery driver Josh Lewis stood tall in the face of violence, adversity and crimes against reliable pizza delivery.

As Lewis was stepping out of his car on his delivery run in Louisville, he was stabbed in the back by a man, described as black and in his forties. The man then jumped into Lewis’ Jeep Cherokee and drove off.

Showing commitment, responsibility and strength of character, Lewis dutifully dropped off his two pizzas before collapsing in the emergency room at Norton Hospital with a collapsed lung.

The regional manager for the pizzeria where he works, Willow Rouben, said he had a minimum amount of cash on him.

“He was coherent. He’s just an amazing kid and we’re all praying for him. We haven’t stopped thinking about him,” she said.

If this doesn’t get him a lifetime supply of pizza, or at least a raise, I don’t know what will.
Written by Josie Harvey (@josieharvey_)

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