Watch Tommy Wiseau’s Final Descent Into Madness With New Joker Audition Tape

At this point, it takes quite a lot for Tommy Wiseau to surprise us with even more insane antics, but a new audition tape showing him trying out for the role of the Joker is a bit of a bloody trip, moite.

The folks at Nerdist thought it would be a grand idea to get Tommy trying out for a role we all KNOW he was born to play, yet we’re still quite concerned about the outcome.

Apparently, Tommy is absolutely FANGING to play the infamous clown ahead of DC Studio’s origin story film, so much so that he sat in a makeup chair for a few hours to really look the part.

He gives his version of some of the character’s most iconic lines, while still keeping that classic Tommy craziness that we’ve grown to admire and fear.

Have a gander down below, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Source: Nerdist


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