Watch This Pikachu Get Savagely Taken Down By Security For Being Different

It’s 2017, and the world is a very difficult place to live in. People are rioting in the streets, much-loved celebrities are dropping like flies and at a certain point we’re gonna have to get on our knees in the middle of torrential rain and ask God “WHY?!”.

You’d think if something could remain sweet and pure during this time of possible nuclear winters it would be everyone’s favourite powerpoint, Pikachu. Unfortunately, the universe couldn’t hold itself together long enough for a choreographed Pikachu dance at the Pokémon World Festival in South Korea last weekend, and that went to shit as well.

You can see it coming but much like when you lose your friend at a music festival, there’s really not much you can do. Around the one minute mark, the main Pikachu starts deflating just as he’s about to blow us all away with some restricted shuffling and stub pointing.

What seems like a slight technical difficulty is greeted with the same response as a terrorist attack and Pikachu is ripped away from the main stage like a poorly applied wax strip.

The other dancers carry on, but their performance is notably marred by the fact that everyone saw what happened when Pikachu’s forget their place. Suddenly, to many cheers from the crowd, our brave hero stumbles out into the spotlight, accompanied by his tormentors and ready to get back to boogying.

Running like a puppy that’s first been let loose in a field, he bounds towards the herd as quickly as his little feet will carry him. Yet again, he’s forced to relive the nightmare and is dragged off stage when his suit begins to deflate.

You tried little buddy, you tried.


Source: Vice

Image: YouTube



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