Watch This Gloriously Drunk Finnish Metal Band Absolutely Bomb A Performance

Having to perform anything can be a tentative affair, and throwing alcohol into the mix can make for an extremely unpredictable situation. There’s a very fine line between having a couple of bevs to take the stage fright away and getting so hammered that you forget you’re actually performing and not just doing a terrible karaoke rendition of a whale giving birth.

Consider Finnish black metal band Azazel as a prime example of what can happen when hitting the pre-show drinks a bit too hard leads to a so bad it’s kinda good type of performance.

The band were supposed to open Steelfest, an outdoor metal festival north of Helsinki, on a lovely sunny Friday afternoon. However, what actually happened was a car crash of epic proportions.

Staggering out on stage with the cadence of a bunch of high-school students who didn’t have time to rehearse their group presentation, the band look simultaneously bored and very drunk as they bumble their way through a few songs.

Taking more sips than he sings notes, the lead singer throws his arms in the air a number of times, either a way of saying “Here we are, worship us as Gods” or “Here we are, we know we’re shit so if you want to throw anything, aim here.”

All of this culminates in a grand finale where the guitarist tumbles off stage and is rescued by stage personnel and the singer yells into the microphone a few more times before collapsing defeated onto the stage while someone in the crowd yells at him to get his dick out.

What a show.

Source and Image: Youtube

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