Video of Cyclist and Driver Sharing a Bevvie on Aus Day Will Rekindle Your Faith in Humanity

Australia Day might have been and gone, but the values of mateship, community and sinking piss with casual acquaintances still remain. The power of day drinking on a public holiday is so great that it can even unite the most bitter of enemies: cyclists vs everyone else. The general consensus seems to be that cyclists wear lycra all the time, even when at home, they shelf wheatgrass and kale that they grow on a bunnings balcony garden and that you can always find them sipping coffee on the pavement of their favourite chain cafe.

When you combine the euphoria of Australia Day AND sharing a tinnie with a total stranger, things get pretty beautiful. One lycra warrior found himself in this particular position when he was offered a beer by an extremely enthusiastic passenger. Calling on the age old peer pressure excuse of “It’s Australia Day” to get old mate to do his bidding, followed by gleeful screams of “Get Closer!” and “He’s Absolutely loving it!`”

The absolute legend even repeatedly questions “Got any bongs?” and “Where’s the pills?!” in an almost scar-face tone. That cheeky fiend. Have a gander at the video below or view it here and try to tell me that your heart doesn’t swell with pride.







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