Uber Just Cut Their Already Cheap Fares By Another 15%

As of right now, the price of UberX is 15% cheaper than it was yesterday. The move is part of a wider restructuring of fares, and a very definitive twist of the knife for the existing taxi industry. According to Uber, the change in fare is a permanent one, and will stand to save regular Uber users a significant amount of dough from week to week.

The UberX flagfall has dropped from $2.50 down to $2, and the cost per kilometer has dropped from $1.30 to $1.10. These decisions are a stark contrast to traditional taxi services, who agreed on a 30% price hike (for peak times) on their service in the last twelve months. This ethos is consistent with the archaic approach to transport from the regular giants, who are content with resting on their foundations.

It seems that no matter how much praise Uber is earning (and rightfully so), they’re not falling complacent. The company are continually improving their service, all in the face of intense scrutiny from the disgruntled cab industry. Even better, they’re listening to the public, and adjusting accordingly.

Go Uber.
Photo by Slate.

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