Turns Out Ashy Bines Is Using Other People’s Recipes, Trolling You All

Ashy Bines, Gold Coast fitness phenomenon or pawn in the endless line of females who decide other people’s diets are their business (depending on which way you look at it), has been outed for copying other people’s recipes in her oddly successful diet book/thing.

In news released over the weekend, it’s been made clear that at least 10 recipes from Bines’ online resources have been replicated from other websites and blogs. Ashy Bines is pointing the finger at the person she paid to write her material, saying, “Unfortunately, I have been too naive in not checking the origins of these recipes and in thinking that the work would be completed in an honest and professional manner.”

Especially concerning is that some of the recipes exposed as plagiarism are actually available free elsewhere on the internet, meaning people are wasting varying amounts of money on free resources.

These revelations are just the latest in an endless wave of negativity surrounding Ashy Bines. There are entire websites and sectors of the internet dedicated to bashing the Gold Coast trainer, who constantly speaks of the death threats her and her unborn child receive.

The Courier Mail did a good job summing up the whole scenario:

“Ms Bines asked the Bulletin not to report on the copied recipes so she could “focus on myself and my pregnancy”, blamed the media for “depression and suicide” but declined the chance to address the theft of other people’s work.”
Photo via Ashy Bines Instagram.

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