Tinder Is Being Blamed For A Rise In STDs

We live in a wonderful age where free phone applications make it possible to rub our genitals on strangers in the most no-fuss way possible. Tinder, Grindr and an entire ecosystem of fuck buddy apps have blown open the proverbial gates on one night stands, allowing eager citizens to pound one another until their heart’s content. And with this marketplace of bodily transfers comes a rise in something that’s not on the same brag-worthy spectrum as shagging: STDs.

As more statistics come to light, it seems conclusive that STDs have found home inside a higher percentage of the public since dating (read: fucking) apps have entered society. For example, the Rhode Island Health Department’s recent studies concluded that, “The number of infectious syphilis cases increased by 79 percent. The number of gonorrhea cases increased by 30 percent,” and that, “the number of newly-identified HIV cases increased by nearly 33 percent.”

These results mimic a nationwide increase in infections, and one can be (fairly) accurate in assuming the US isn’t the only one feeling the wrath. Given that in October of 2014, Tinder was receiving more than a billion left and right swipes on any given day, and over 12 million matches in the same amount of time, it’s no surprise the free-flowing sex is translating to a few nasty rashes and itchy internals. But Tinder isn’t to blame.

It should be argued that been attentive and studious with your medical checkups is imperative for anyone who is sexually active – Tinder user or not – and that the onus is on the users of the application rather than the application itself. Tinder is facilitating hook ups and making sex easier to obtain, but it’s not the cause of these STD increases: people are.

The scenario is not dissimilar to the “guns don’t kill people – people kill people,” ethos (whether you agree with that or not is a whole new can of worms). Except these guns shoot semen.
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