Thousands Of Eskies Left Without A Home Following Massive Australia Day

Each year on January the 27th, thousands of eskies are abandoned across Australia. Often left behind in backyards, these eskies are left without care and attention, and often perish in the hot weather.

The occasion of Australia Day can be a real thrill, and it’s only natural to go out and buy a brand new esky to add a buzz to the situation. But these decisions are often made rashly, and made without considering the responsibilities of esky ownership.

People are reminded that if they are going to buy an esky, to make sure they’re committed to looking after it all year round – regularly taking it out of the house, and filling it appropriately. Remember, eskies are allergic to Sols.

If you can spare some money and the time of day, please consider adopting an abandoned esky this year. An adopted esky can be very rewarding – they may have a leftover 6 of Cooper’s. They may be a little shaken about, but with some love and affection you could form a bond that will last a decade’s worth of Australia Days.

Remember, an esky isn’t just for Australia Day, it’s for life.

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