Thieves Using Blowtorch To Steal From ATM Accidentally Set Cash On Fire

A lot of petty crime is done by dumb people who are looking to get money quick. While we’re used to wannabe hardened criminals stupidly slipping up and getting caught, I think that two blokes from America may have taken the cake in terms of crimes that make you face palm out of sheer stupidity.

Eli Steen and Jason Kovar from Washington made the pretty foolish decision of trying to rob an ATM, they also made the mistake of trying to access the ATM’s cash box through the use of a bloody great big blowtorch.

Of course, a strange thing happens when you put fire and paper together and the contents of the ATM set ablaze, obviously destroying any chance of the shit-head robbers being able to get their mitts on the moolah.

And what did the two geniuses decide to do once they saw the cash point start to catch fire? Well, they did what any normal member of society would do: dropped their dacks and attempt to piss away the flames.

Executive VP and COO of Coastal Community Bank John Dickson said: “They attempted to get into the ATM and it looks like they used a blowtorch, which caught the currency on fire and created a little fire damage.” He went on to say that the pair had tried to break into the ATM previously, and had been unsuccessful.

So there you go, if you’re trying to break into an ATM stacked with ca$h monies, then it’s probably best to leave the flamethrower at home.

Source: Q13 Fox

Image: WeLiveSecurity

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