The "UBER For Weed" Startup Raised $10 Million In Funding, Gets You High In 15 Minutes Or Less

Breathing hotbox, accomplished rapper and moderately unsuccessful reggae performer Snoop Dogg has just invested in a company called Eaze, who launched late last year in the US. They are dubbing themselves the UBER for weed, and assure clients that they can have legal marijuana delivered to their door within a 15 minute window.

The company raised $1.5 million in seed funding in November, but are now sitting at a rounded figure closer to $10 million (thanks to DCM ventures). Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Ventures was one of the big investors in the second round of injections, which is absolutely no surprise to anyone under the age of 65.

Eaze are currently operating in 35 cities and with the added cash injections, plan to expand significantly, including adding 50 people to their staffing list. Eaze founder and CEO Keith McCarty has a strong focus on quality of product, telling TechCrunch that they work with “only the best” dispensaries.

Eaze is just one of many companies who are capitalising on the growing legal marijuana trend, which is quickly making its way across the greater US (and hopefully down under soon).

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