The Rise Of The Annual Internet Cat Festival

As a semi-intelligent species, we humans have known for a while now that we exist on this planet exclusively to facilitate the life of, and serve, the cat.

Beginning in 2012, the Annual Internet Cat Festival is curated by the Walker Art Centre and showcases the year in cat videos, including guest appearances from famous feline faces.

The festival has received traction and has been touring around the world, landing in Perth over the weekend after being held in Sydney late last year. They are typically held in conjunction with local animal welfare charities to help raise money for cute kitties (and other less cute animals). The festival itself has obviously been a hit with the public, and is on track to be the biggest world touring group since 1 Direction. I can only hope they start printing tour t-shirts.

The obsession with cats in the Internet age has reached a point where journalists are writing articles like ‘tips to de-stress your cat’, which I initially thought was a joke, but is actually published by The Guardian newspaper. This forced me to seriously contemplate the idea that cats may well be stressed out by being social media stars, a role they’re completely oblivious too. All they see is you pointing a rectangle at them and laugh whilst they fall off a chair.

There is no word as to whether the Internet Cat Festival will take place in other Australian capitals (may I suggest a private screening in Melbourne’s Cat Café) or as to when cats will finally crack under the weight of international stardom and plot world domination – as predicted by the documentary into feline behavioural patterns, Warner Bros’ ‘Cats & Dogs’.

Fear the day they have us at gun point.

Written by Christian Eva.

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