The Nokia 3310 Is Still A Pretty Popular Sex Toy, Study Finds

There’s a reason Nokia’s legendary 3310 mobile phone has been experiencing a renaissance of late. With its pleasant, chirping tones and now-prehistoric keypad, this clunky little fuck was everything a mobile ever needed to be: the intersection of functionality and simple, mindless pleasure.

You could call your mum, play Snake 2 and handcraft your own shitty, 8-bit ringtones long before FaceTime, Angry Birds and GarageBand were a thing. You could save a dog from a hot car by pelting your phone at the windshield. Or, in those lonelier moments between your daily MSN Messenger binge and the next episode of The OC, you could switch your loyal beeper to vibrate and dial a reverse-charge call to Pleasure Town.

For anyone who grew up listening to Dido or Sean Paul, the idea of using one’s mobile as a makeshift sex toy should be nothing new. But many women are still getting their buzz on with the 3310, according to a recent survey conducted by sex-positive website Agents Of Ishq.

The India-based blog launched an investigation into the subject of female masturbation by asking 100 women about their “habits and preferences” – and, aside from the discovery that many women masturbate while at work, or that masturbating after eating tandoori chicken is apparently not a heaps good idea, the survey yielded one finding that was particularly interesting.

When asked which objects they typically use to assist in masturbation, 17% of the women declared that they reach for a vibrator. “But this pageant had a surprise winner,” states Agents Of Ishq. “The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey! We have no idea why the company is not the market leader after this!”

A whopping 54% of the women surveyed also said that they used ‘Domestic’ items, such as vegetables (9%), ice cubes (also 9%) and toothbrushes (13%).

The Agents Of Ishq survey aims to amplify the conversation around female masturbation and dissolve the taboo associated with it.

“Masturbation is an important way in which we have a relationship with our selves and get to understand our sexual natures, fantasies and preferences,” it states. “[We] have to admit that women have… sexual desires and needs which are physical; and that women think of sex by itself, not only when they are in love.”

Source: Agents Of Ishq
Feature Image: ScoopWoop

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