The Glass Nightmare Mask Is The Most Hectic Way You Can Smoke Weed

90% of the time, stoners just want to chill out and smoke weed whatever way they know best. That means running the Ganja gauntlet through the time-honored blunt, or the trusty bong, or even Grandad’s favourite pipe. But then you’ve got the restless guy who wants something new. He’s the guy who tries putting coke and ice and berries in the bong water. He experiments with joint rolling techniques and tries every which way he can in regard to ‘shotty’ placement.

That guy is Etai Rahmil, a glassblower who “works with glass to create functional art.” When this love combined with his fondness for cannabis, it resulted in the “Mask of Moldauthein,” a wearable facial apparatus that you can smoke weed through. It looks terrifying and costs $6,500, meaning anyone who’s actually interested in buying one has already smoked far too much weed. It comes with a LED light stand, a 2-hole perc and a shitload of moldavite. Know how it works? Neither did we, but the video below does a pretty good job explaining.


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