The 4.5 Metre ‘Abbottsolutely Hopeless’ Poster In Sydney Is A Gold Mine For Its Creator

Two days ago, a 4.5 metre poster brandishing Tony Abbott’s face and the word ‘hopeless’ was erected in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale. Inspired by the iconic “hope” image, the poster is the brainchild of Sydney-based graphic designer Michael Agzarian, who told the Sydney Morning Herald that he was happy to put $3000 of his own money toward “making a statement”.

Though the posters intentions surely extend far beyond Agzarian making his personal opinions public. The stunt has given him invaluable press in a wide variety of publications throughout Australia, most of whom are linking back to his website, abbottsolutelynot.com. See, we just did it then.

The federal government has been struggling in recent polls, and public statements like this are visible examples of this. “The response so far has been staggering. It’s great to see people tweeting about it and taking selfies in front of it,” Agzarian told SMH. “The only negative feedback I’m getting is that Tony would never be seen wearing a red tie.”

Agzarian also claims he’s not a regular user of social media, though we’re sure this stunt will double as his foray into the realm, with people on Facebook and Instagram going crazy over the installation, which will remain on Regent Street for the next four weeks.

Image from Sydney Morning Herald.

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