Tequila Assists In Weight Loss, Study Finds

The fact that tequila can help you lose weight is, quite frankly, old news. Anyone who’s ever had one shot too many of the Mexican firewater knows how easy it is to shed a few calories all over the backseat of an Uber.

Notwithstanding the well-known correlation between drinking spirits and throwing up a kidney, however, a recent study has found a slightly more scientific link between tequila and weight loss.

Very important research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society showed that the sugars in the agave plant – that is, the plant from which tequila is made – provide a range of health benefits, including the support of healthful microbes in your mouth and in your guts. Perhaps more notably, these sugars – known as ‘agavins’ – act as a dietary fibre, helping you feel fuller for longer.

The more you drink the less you’re likely to eat, in other words.

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Researchers observed that mice that had agavins added to their water consumed less food, lost more weight and developed lower blood sugar levels than other mice. Mice who had tequila added to their water smoked more cigarettes, fucked more strangers and brainstormed ridiculous Kickstarter ideas with their mouse friends (citation needed).

While this might sound like an added bonus to everyone’s favourite party drink, we must emphasise that tequila should in no way be regarded as a dietary supplement. Eating is not in fact cheating, and if you replace those burgers with bottles of Don Julio you’re a shoo-in to vomit all over yourself.

Party hearty, ya filthy animals!

Source: The Independent
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