Study finds that Australians love sinking fat billies more than any other country in the world

It’s no secret that Australian’s have a bit of an attachment to the bong, I’m surprised the Australian version of Monopoly didn’t come with a Gatorade piece. There’s something about a plastic water bottle covered in resin with a stolen piece of hose poking triumphantly out the side that just screams AUSTRALIA.

So, it probably isn’t surprising that the 2017 Global Drug Survey found that while we don’t consume the most cannabis in the world, Australian’s are more likely to sink cones through a beug than any other country in the world, yew!


The study, which was conducted in partnership with harm reduction groups and global media, surveyed 115,000 people, including 5,700 Australian participants. It was also found that more than three-quarters of Australian respondents had used drugs and around one in three had used them in the last month.

Research also showed that Australian’s were getting absolutely bloody ripped on the cocaine front. We pay more for coke than any other country on earth, forking out a frankly ridiculous $321 for a gram. As opposed to Colombia, which has the cheapest coke in the world, where they’re shelling out only five dollary doos for a gram of the devil’s dandruff.

Unsurprisingly, the next most popular drug behind weed is ecstasy, followed by cocaine and LSD. Unlike most countries in the world who have a clear preference, Australians aren’t too bothered whether our weed is spun with baccy or not, because we’ve mastered the art of the “Bogan cone”.

So there you go, now you can attribute sinking fat beugs to a matter of national pride. Nice one.

Source: Global Drug Survey

Image: Pedestrian.tv

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