Stoned Dude Calls 911 After Running Out Of Rolling Papers

There’s a certain kind of pain associated with running out of rolling papers during a session. Of course, for the creative amongst us, there’s an entire handbook of methods in which you can still get high, but sometimes a joint is the only thing that’ll do the trick.

Apparently as was the case for Kyle Dustin Head (real name), a Virginian man who was cited after he called 911 requesting rolling papers. According to reports from the Waynesboro Police Department, reports suggest he was in a ‘disorientated state’ and when officers arrived, the 24-year-old was exactly as expected: sitting in his 2005 Chevy pickup which “had a strong odor of marijuana emanating from it”.

Strangely enough, officers noticed marijuana on Head’s clothing (normal), truck dashboard (normal), passenger seat (normal) and right ear (weird). Head was honest with police and said he had smoked marijuana recently, before claiming he thought he was calling a friend about the rolling papers, not the 911 dispatcher.


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