South Melbourne Bridge Continues to Absolutely Fuck Up Trucks

So, what happens when a (fairly) unstoppable force meets a (somewhat) immovable object? Well, why don’t we ask the latest victim of the notoriously bloodthirsty bridge? Oh wait, we can’t, because the bridge fucked it up.

The Montague Street Bridge in South Melbourne has already claimed yet another victim, an unsuspecting truck with an adorably innocent look in its headlights. Instagram user Brad Feehan was on hand to capture the bridges first battle of 2017 from a safe distance, much like an American tourist on an African Safari. You’d think there was something fundamentally wrong with the design of the bridge, but it looks like the only people having problems with it are vehicles that shouldn’t be there anyway.

Gantries or “bitch bells” as the bridge likes to call them, were even installed to combat the ridiculous amount of large vehicles who ran afoul of the bridge. Frankly, it really is an insane amount of vehicles that the bridge has gone up against. There’s even a website detailing the bridges many victories and just how badly it messed up its opponents.

I’m not saying that the bridge should take up some sort of martial arts, but with a record of 110 wins vs 0 losses, it’s hard to argue against this pinnacle of human stubbornness.

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