Someone Paid Waaaay Too Bloody Much For The World’s Most Expensive Melons

I don’t really see the point of paying an excessive amount of money for fruit or vegetables, that’s why I scan avocados through as onions and sneakily snack on grapes as I do my shopping. I understand that buying the most expensive ANYTHING is a novelty that I will never know but ask yourself, would you really fork out more than it costs to buy a new car just so you can boast about your expensive melons?

Well, some rich Japanese fella did just that when he spent over $27,000 on a pair of Yubari King melons in Japan. Yubari King is a cross between two varieties of cantaloupe and must be grown in the Yubari region in order to bear that name — just like Kobe beef, another Japanese culinary luxury, which must be produced in that certain geographic region.

Yubari King melons are famous for their sweetness and extortionate price tag. An average melon can range from $50-$100, which isn’t as mind-boggling as $27k on a piece of fruit but still not your average sliced watermelon from the Woolies produce section.

The previous highest winning bid price for a pair of Yubari melons was ¥2.5 million, recorded in 2008 and 2014 at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. The bloke who bought the world-record melons, Takamaru Konishi, a buyer at a supermarket in Hyoho Prefecture, said he “Wanted to return a favor to the farmers of Yubari, who help us every year.” Takamaru said the melons will be displayed at the supermarket in Amagasaki and will be auctioned online later.

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