QLD Police Dog Got The Flick For Being Too Bloody Cute

Image: Governor Of Queensland

You know when you’re walking into a music festival and you try to pet one of the sniffer dogs, and a stone-hearted policeman inevitably tugs on the leash and says something like “Don’t touch the dog mate” and the dog kind of just doesn’t look you in the eye?

Here’s the thing about that: that dog wants to play. You know it, the cop knows it, and deep in its heart the dog 100% bloody knows it. I mean, if literally every other dog in the world is anything to go by, then we can safely assume that sniffer dogs are just *very good boys* in police vests. They couldn’t care less whether you’ve got a sphincter full of bath salts: if they had a say in the matter, these doggos would take hugs over drugs any day of the week.

Well now, in a brilliant case of life imitating Disney, a Queensland police dog has been expelled from police dog academy for his unashamed love of cuddles.

Image: Governor of Queensland

Gavel the German shepherd threatened to compromise countless police operations through his insatiable passion for having his belly rubbed and his ears tousled, often at the expense of actually catching criminals. Police ascertained that he “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line”, and was just too social to make it as a crime-fighter like his father and grandfather before him.

Lucky for Gavel, though, he also happened to be fostered at the official residence of Queensland governor Paul de Jersey since he was 10 weeks old. Following his expulsion from the academy, de Jersey elected to adopt Gavel as part of the family, promoting him to the prestigious title of ‘Vice-Regal Dog’.

His new role sees him welcoming guests and tour groups to the grounds of Queensland’s Government House, as well as participating in special ceremonial occasions. Honestly, just get a look at this mad dog:

That’ll do Gavel, that’ll do.

Source: BBC
Feature image: Governor of Queensland

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