Police Catch Pigeon With A Backpack Full Of Pingas

Smuggling any kind of drug anywhere is a tense and unpleasant affair. Sure, we’ve heard from all the long haired festival grommets who failed grade 10 science but have a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation as to why a sniffer dog won’t be able to sus any drugs if they’re hidden amongst some highly reliable granulated coffee.

While we’ve all got our tricks (flicking the ball out of a roll on deodorant and sticking your goodies in the bottom is a good time) there’s really no guarantee that your migration will go off without a hitch.

Of course, that’s unless you decide to execute the genius idea of capturing a pigeon and using it to carry out the dirty work for you. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what one pinga pusher in the middle-east decided to do.

Authorities in Kuwait earlier this week were able to intercept a homing pigeon that was smuggling drugs in a very snazzy makeshift backpack. I have to say, that’s definitely a relief because at first glance I thought someone had brutally ripped open a pigeon, filled it with drugs and then lobbed it across the border.

Apparently, the pigeon was making its way from Iraq when customs employees tracked and captured it at the border. Upon inspection, they noticed that most pigeons aren’t usually rocking a camouflaged backpack, and discovered that the pigeon had 178 pills strapped to it.

The pigeon was reportedly coming from Iraq when customs employees tracked and captured it at the border, upon which they noticed it had strapped to its back a camouflaged knapsack stuffed with contraband. A total of 178 pills were seized in the incident.

As of yet, there’s no word on who might be behind the operation. Perhaps the pigeon was on its way to a bush doof and thought it’d come prepared?

Source: Vice

Image: Twitter

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